Denise Saffren

deniseBorn & raised in Los Angeles, Denise has been a professional artist for over 20 years.  After graduating from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (majoring in visual arts) Denise wanted to be a drummer & tour the world. Strangely, art paid more. As a freelance artist she painted murals, designed logos, did caricatures of Green Day for their ‘Minority’ video, designed kid’s shoes, was a junior character designer on ‘AHHH Real Monsters!!!’ for Nickelodeon, created an album cover for Pharcyde that never made it to the shelves, sculpted Happy Meal toys, and created her own line of belt buckles. (

For the last 17 years, Denise was a Senior Sculptor at Mattel Toys, sculpting Barbie, Monster High, etc… Currently, she is digital sculpting with her new company, The Sculpting Department and drawing and painting her little farting elephant, Cy.




Paul Schoepflin

paulPaul Schoepflin is a Los Angeles based artist whose studio/communities include Venice Beach and Topanga Canyon. Born & raised in Culpper, Virginia ( a rural farming town 80 mi south of Wash.D.C.) He enrolled in evening art & design classes after high school before moving to Southern CA in 1987. In San Diego he involved himself in art based work/ study almost daily; architectural ornamental sculpting/ casting, carpentry, sound production, radio broadcast, drawing & painting study, stage performance, and dabbling in photography & music.In 2001, he moved to Venice Beach, CA where he focused on painting (and other distractions).

He has explored impressionism, abstraction, contemporary & now leans towards surrealism/pop art.Guache, water color, pencil/ graphite, oil pastel, soft pastel, oil paint & acyrlic paint on paper, panel, canvas, linen,  and hemp are the basic materials used.

This exhibits’ collaborative pieces with Denise Saffren are acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

Paul has had work on exhibit in Venice Ca & the Topanga Canyon Gallery.

Paul & Denise met when they were both living in Venice, Ca. in 2002. Denise fell in love with his landscape paintings and  secretly wanted to create a character to add to them. If it weren’t for a White Elephant gift exchange and Paul’s move to Topanga Canyon, Cy may have never been born.

Becky Mann

beckyBecky Mann is a television writer (“The Real O’Neals” “Modern Family” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), elephant lover (African, Indian, Dwarf) and fart enthusiast (various).  She has far too many cats.